When Maddie Feels Jealous

About the Book

Whenever Maddie sees other kids, she always wants what they have: presents, toys, ice cream, candy! This big FEELING comes over her and she doesn’t like it. It makes her say things like, “It's not fair!” What is that feeling and why does it make her feel so yucky?

It's JEALOUSY and it can only be conquered with GRATITUDE and KINDNESS. Learn with Maddie as she identifies and deals with her BIG emotions.

Image of Maddie, young girl with pigtails, in a pink dress, holding a purse

Inside the Book

Young girl sitting on the floor wrapping a present and remembering her sixth birthday
Young girl looking angry, her mom is talking to her.
Young girl at the grocery store with her father, he is pushing a cart with groceries in it and the girl is choosing a treat

Early Reviews

 "Maddie and her parents are so relatable. The feelings that Maddie experiences in the book are articulated really well and provide real life experiences for children and their families to connect. My favorite line in the book is when Maddie and her parents are sitting down to discuss the big feelings she is having, and they ask her ‘Can you tell me what that feels like for you?’ Learning the language of emotions, what they feel like, and the power that kindness and gratitude have are critical tools. Laura has given us a gift in this book to open the door to these conversations and build upon them at home, at school, in early childhood settings, and beyond!"  - Ashley Fox, Parent
"I cannot ask for a better book to teach the fundamentals to my own children and kids in the classroom. Every day, whether online or otherwise, we see a million things that make us jealous. This book allows them to acknowledge the feeling, learn, and grow forward. That is the beauty of the book; it is for yesterday, today, and for all the tomorrows. It acknowledges that the feeling will come again, and that it will need to be dealt with more than once. I love that it is not a ‘close the book and the problem is instantly solved’ idea. Such a gem in the teachable world. I would honestly recommend the book to everyone in my life. I am so honored to have been able to read it."  - Alissa Trithart, Teacher


Author with her two children, sitting on the grass, smiling

Airdrie Echo, April 5, 2023

Cochrane based author Laura McJannet-Brogan’s new book, “When Maddie Feels Jealous” is geared towards children Kindergarten to Grade 3 and focuses on dealing with jealousy and learning about gratitude. A parent herself, McJannet-Brogan’s children are in Kindergarten and Grade 3, she said they helped inspire her writing. Read more...

Teacher & Parent Resources

Pre-reading questions: Can you think of a time that you felt jealous of something or someone? What did it feel like to you?  Can you describe what the word “jealous” means? Look at the cover of the book and describe what you see. What are some feelings that you can identify by how Maddie looks on the front page? Think about the title of the book, can you predict what this book might be about?
Social Studies Questions: Because Maddie is 6, she gets an allowance. This allowance comes with responsibilities that she must complete each week. What are some things you are responsible for at home to help you contribute in your family? As you get older, what do you think will happen to your responsibilities? How might they change one year from now? What is the difference between a “need” and a “want”? Maddie’s dog is a part of her family. What kind of responsibilities do you think she might have that would be important when you have a dog?